Ready for Change? Consider These Signs with Alterable Message Options


Do you own a restaurant that offers new special every day? Do you have a gift shop that has a different sale weekly? Do you want to promote the changing shows at your theater? If you answered yes to any of these questions or have any other type of business with a variable message, you need a sign that can be changed or altered at will.

Craving change? Then, here are a few ideas to get you inspired:

1. Electronic Message Centers

With changeable electronic message centers, you can have an LCD or LED sign that is easily alterable. Once your sign is mounted, you can effortlessly change its message from the comfort of your computer—there is no need to climb up to a billboard or waste a lot of time on the change.

These signs can have anything from scrolling text to flashing text to animated videos to other fun elements, and of course, those elements can be changed as you like.

2. Acrylic Signs with Vinyl Letters

If you don't want the expense or complication of an electronic sign, you can opt for something much more simple and traditional with an acrylic sign. Found both inside and outside businesses, acrylic signs are used for functions ranging from office building directories to advertising petrol prices.

Essentially, these signs have vinyl letters that can be fitted into them and used to spell a range of messages. However, in some cases, the signs are designed to hold literature of your choosing rather than pre-made vinyl letters. This gives you the range of versatility you need. You can also forgo the acrylic sign frame and buy vinyl letters that can stick to windows for a different type of changeable effect.

3. Chalkboards

Although they can be a bit labour intensive, chalkboards are easily changeable, and if you have an artist on staff, he or she can create designs rivaling old painted advertising on the sides of brick buildings.

Chalkboards come in a range of shapes and designs. For example, you can buy a chalk sandwich board for the sidewalk outside of your storefront, or you can buy one in a special shape to hang on your wall. You can also have these signs professionally and permanently printed with your company name or logo as well as other embellishments.

If you want to learn more about signs that can be changed after you buy them, contact a sign writer (such as Kirkby Bros Signwriters). These professionals can help you explore options ranging from LED screens to magnetic boards and everything in between.


13 April 2015

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