Five Tips for Creating Business Signs That Appeal to Kids


If you run a business that sells products geared toward children, you need a business sign that catches the interest of kids. Kids who notice and like your sign are more likely to drag their parents into your shop. However, first you have to pique their interest. Here are five tips on creating business signs that appeal to kids:

1. Use red or other bright colours

Although kids can like a range of colours, research indicates that many of them are prone to liking red. They see this colour as bright and happy.

Leverage this natural preference by using lots of red in your sign. If you don't like red, use other bright, or even neon, colours.

2. Keep your sign modern

Young kids and teens are not typically fans of vintage signs or antiques. While rustic signs may appeal to their parents, most kids like things that are new and shiny. Take advantage of that by keeping your sign modern.

Make it light up; put an electronic, constantly changing message on it; or have it connected to a video stream. All of these techy ideas will help to attract kids and teens.

3. Use child-friendly characters

Kids respond to the characters they love, which is why many kid-focused cereals and snacks create a character for the kids to like. If a national advertising campaign with a compelling kids' character at its heart is out of your budget, try using licensed characters instead – just make sure you get permission to use anything that is copyrighted.

In lieu of that, create a character that you think would be compelling to kids. Anything from a circus bear on a unicycle to a funny alien should make your short list of ideas.

4. Have a simple message in a simple font

If you are trying to appeal to young kids, and especially early readers, make your sign's message simple, its words short and its font easy to read. Keep in mind, early readers may struggle to read certain scripts or connected-together writing such as cursive. Also, to make your message more legible, use letters that sharply contrast the background of your business sign.

5. Play with different heights

If you are designing a business sign to appeal to kids, keep in mind the simple fact that kids are relatively short. When putting signs in the window of your business, position them low enough so that they are on the eye level of most kids.

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30 July 2015

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