Effective Strategies to Boost Business Sales with LED Signage


LED digital signs are growing in popularity due to their power effect in producing a brilliant light that is visible from a long range and easy to read. Many businesses today are relying on outdoor LED signage to catch the attention of potential clients and increase their sales. Coupled with an effective marketing strategy, LED signs can drive customers to your business and increase your returns significantly. Read on to find out effective ways you can utilize LED signage to boost your business sales.

Prompt a Call to Action (CTA)

A call to action can encourage and motivate potential customers to buy your products or services. When coming up with a call for action, ensure that the message is straightforward, easy to read, and in bold and pronounced letters. Examples of words that are used on LED signage to attract customers include the following:

•    Limited Time Offer!

•    Sale! Sale!

•    Order Online Today!

•    Buy Now!

•    New Stock Alert!

There are different creative ways you can craft your call to action based on the product or service you are selling. You can even use signage to promote your website or social platforms by throwing in some motivating rewards, for example, "Buy through the website and earn 25% discount on checking out." Such strategies will not only boost your sales, but they will also improve your business' online presence.

Utilize the loss leader pricing strategy

If you have overstocks, slow-moving merchandise, or just want to attract new customers, the loss leader pricing strategy is perfect for you. It involves selling an item at a price lower than its market cost to attract customers. Use catchy words on the LED signage to notify clients of the discounts. You can use messages such as the following:

•    Get up to 70% discounts on household items

•    Buy digital TV sets for as low as $300

When using this strategy, ensure that you draw the customers' attention to other products that you are selling as well to boost sales further.

Take advantage of discount seasons

Discount periods are those special times of the year when various companies and business offer attractive discount packages to their customers. They include holidays, back-to-school seasons, Valentine's Day, and Black Friday among others. These are the times to craft the content of your outdoor LED sign to draw the attention of shoppers who are usually looking out for such offers. Being creative with LED signs during the peak seasons will drive more customers into your business and boost sales.

LED signage is an effective way of drawing the attention of potential clients to your products. With these tips, you can use signage with catchy messages to boost business sales.


21 July 2016

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