Signs You Need for Your School or Day-Care


If you manage a school or any type of childcare facility, you want to ensure you have proper signage on the walls and even outside. These school signs will help children find their way through the building and can also remind them of certain rules or codes of conduct to which they should adhere. While you don't want to overspend on unnecessary items for your business or clutter up a building with too many signs, note a few important signs you should consider for your school or childcare facility.

Map of the grounds

Many schools will have more than one parking lot, playground or playing field. Visitors and children can easily get lost when trying to find a certain lot for pickup, for recess or for game practice. Having a map of the exterior grounds can mean fewer children getting lost and fewer adults stopping by the front office and interrupting the staff simply because they need to know how to find a particular lot or field.

Fence banners

Fence banners can provide privacy for students who are using a playground or playing field, and they can also block off the toeholds on a chain link fence, deterring potential intruders. They can also be used to advertise the school's message, special classes or other such offerings. They might even be a way to honour a past teacher, student, or athlete for their performances and achievements.

Flutter flags

Flutter flags are used outside, and they have the advantage of being very lightweight and portable so you can set them up and then remove them easily. Businesses often use flutter flags to attract the attention of passersby or for use at remote locations. You can use them in the same way at your school or day-care, to advertise special events or to call attention to a particular entrance of the building. For example, your flag might say "Pre-K Enrolment," with the phrase, "This Entrance." This helps to advertise your enrolment and direct foot traffic at the same time!

Digital signs

Digital signs can be changed from a control panel so you don't need to manually swap out their lettering. Since digital signs are very affordable and easy to install, you might choose one for inside your school or day-care and use it for flashing facts about that day in history or simple math equations. The sign can also easily be changed to alert students to days when the school will be closed or to provide reminders to parents of when day-care fees are due, and the like.


15 August 2017

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