Why Sign Placement Is Both an Art and a Science


Some people think that we are retreating into a completely digital world, where everything we need is available at the click of a mouse or the swipe of a finger. In this Orwellian world, people may not need to leave their own house or apartment, but simply order online so that everything is delivered to them. Thankfully, this type of lazy and introvert society is still some way into the future, and in the meantime, you need to make sure that your business stands out from all the rest in a busy commercial environment. How important is outdoor signage in this equation?

Sensory Overload

If you walk down a typically busy town centre these days, you will see signs of every shape, size and configuration and all of them compete for your attention. This can often represent sensory overload, and it's not surprising that people subconsciously switch off whenever they are in this position. 

However, you still need to make an effort and do your best to stand out and where you place your sign is going to be extremely important. Given that you have spent a lot of time and effort to create a branding image that is first-rate, think carefully about the size and placement of your sign for best effect.

Getting the Message Across

Certainly, when your business grows to a large scale, then the general impact of the sign itself will be sufficient, as in the case of the world-famous "golden arches," for example. However, you're not quite in the same league as McDonald's as yet, so you may need to combine your brand logo with some explanatory wording as well, so people know what you are all about.

Placement Is Crucial

Try to reach people when they are at their most receptive. This can be quite difficult to do in such a busy environment, but, for example, you may place your sign strategically so that they cannot fail to see it when they have to stop at a busy intersection. In other words, they cannot ignore the sign as they have to look straight at it when they muster their concentration.

Be Aware of Restrictions

Note that local government regulators are quite active in this area, however, and will be wise to your attempt to gain commercial supremacy. They may pass laws that dictate where you can and cannot place any signage, or even how big it is allowed to be.

Understanding Your Fellow Humanoid

You may think that this is quite a simple process and does not require too much forethought. However, books have been written about the ability of the human mind to process or ignore certain stimuli according to individual circumstances. While nobody is suggesting that you become a psychologist or human behaviour expert, you should do a little research before you make your final decision.

Placing Your Order

Always make sure that you buy the best quality signage, printed on materials that will show your business in its best light. For more information, contact a company like Mark Gresham Sign Corporation today.


16 November 2018

I saw the sign

That's what you want to hear new customers saying, "I saw the sign". Signs bring in new customers, and get people talking. We love to get people introduced to your brands and enquiring about what you offer. As great as online marketing is, there is still a space for impressive real life signs. We make all sorts of signs using different media and in all sorts of locations. If you are trying to come with an idea for a really great sign I think you'll like my site. I talk about how to plan, design and create great signs for your business.