Business Signage: Three Crucial Guidelines for Using PVC Foam Signs


If you are planning on replacing your old business signs, you should consider choosing PVC foam products for your new signage. In general, PVC foam is an ideal material choice because it promotes the creation of high-quality signs. The polyvinyl chloride allows for the customisation of the signage. For instance, you can utilise diverse printing techniques and colours, and there are beautiful finishes to enhance the appeal of the final product.

It is also important to note that PVC foam signs are durable, and they can be used in both outdoor and indoor areas. In addition, these lightweight signs ensure flexible installation in the commercial environment. However, you should keep in mind that the appearance and performance of the sign will depend on your design, fabrication and installation choices. Here are simple tips to help you create the best PVC foam signs for your business.

Cut into Shape

PVC foam is a relatively light material. Therefore, it is not difficult to cut the board into different shapes and sizes. In general, most business signs are manufactured using a standard square or rectangular piece of material. Unfortunately, if you are in a high-traffic environment, your potential customers might not notice your sign. If you would like your business to stand out a little more, you should think about making your PVC foam sign in an uncommon shape which complements your company's image. You can use circular, star-shaped or trapezoid foam boards.

Design Your Message

When designing the business signage, you should ensure that the branding message is attractive and clear. Simply speaking, the presence and shape of the PVC foam will attract the customers' eyes only for a moment. It is your responsibility to ensure that the message will be delivered efficiently during this period of interest. Otherwise, your sign will not help you achieve the best advertising and marketing results. In general, the words and graphic symbols should be legible from a distance. You should also consider incorporating different colours for easy reading and using borders to define your PVC foam template.

Install for Impact

Finally, you should choose the perfect style for installing your PVC foam signage. This type of business sign is convenient because its light weight allows for versatile placement. For instance, if you are planning on utilising the sign temporarily, you can employ the bent easel style of installation. It is also possible to hang the sign without concerns about safety. You can use wires and fasteners or even suction cups for ideal installation. 


15 April 2019

I saw the sign

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