Create custom stationery instantly with stickers


Custom stationery and packaging are great ways to brand your business. With personalised items, you can add your image and message to everything from bills and receipts to packaging and correspondence, helping customers remember your business and associate it with the image you want to create. However, complete sets of custom stationery or packaging can be beyond the budget of some small businesses. One affordable way around this challenge is to create your own custom items by using stickers. A set of custom-printed stickers can turn even plain items into marketing material. 


Stickers are a great way to turn generic stationery into branded material. Use them to label envelopes to add a splash of colour or visual interest; alternatively, use them to customise items you can't otherwise alter easily, like receipts. 


If you sell a wide range of different products, creating custom packaging for each item can seem like a challenge. Different sizes and shapes of packaging need to be printed separately, forcing you to estimate how many of each type you need. With stickers, however, this problem disappears. Simply buy plain card or paper packaging and then customise it to match your business by applying your stickers. If you need to change the text or design -- if you move physical location or change your web address, for instance -- it's much quicker and more affordable to replace a roll of stickers than it is a stock of custom packaging. 

Alternatives to stickers

Stickers are just one way to individualise plain stationery and packaging; other alternatives can be used to create the effect that's right for your business. For example, rubber stamps are a good choice for business who want to promote a hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind image. You'll have to be sure that the paper or card you use for packaging isn't so glossy that the stamp ink will rub off it, and you'll need to budget some time for the stamping process, but the end result will be distinctive branding with a handmade touch. You can even use different colours of ink to denote different products or just add some variety. Custom stencils are another good way to individualise packaging; stencilled designs create a modern, urban aesthetic and are easy to apply quickly. You can order individual custom stencils or, if you want to print your own, choose from a range of stencil makers. 

Stickers and other similar tools are great ways to get personalised business materials at a price your small business can afford. They may require a little extra work, but they cut down on waste, improve your flexibility, and give your products an extra personal touch. 


30 August 2019

I saw the sign

That's what you want to hear new customers saying, "I saw the sign". Signs bring in new customers, and get people talking. We love to get people introduced to your brands and enquiring about what you offer. As great as online marketing is, there is still a space for impressive real life signs. We make all sorts of signs using different media and in all sorts of locations. If you are trying to come with an idea for a really great sign I think you'll like my site. I talk about how to plan, design and create great signs for your business.