How to Put Your Fleet to Work for You From a Marketing Perspective


While more traditional methods of marketing have been around for generations, others may come along from time to time and will need a certain amount of your attention. After all, if you're in business, you'll want to stand out from the rest and will need to use the most cutting-edge marketing methods you can find to help you do so. Having said that, you may have been taking stock of those more up-to-date digital marketing solutions but not keeping an eye out for developments in other areas. Consequently, you may have missed out on the opportunity to make a huge difference elsewhere and to take advantage of all your company vehicles as you do so. What is this new solution?

Modern Solutions

How often do you simply ignore a traditional billboard these days or tune out any adverts that pop up on the radio? These are just some of the legacy marketing methods that have been around for such a long time that they may well be overplayed. Certainly, there are some new and exciting online solutions available, but technology can also help you in a more traditional environment.

Mobile Billboards

In this case, consider making each one of the vehicles in your fleet a mobile billboard that will contain a very specific but dynamic message related to your organisation. This technology is now available to you at reasonable cost and you can transform each car or truck into something that can help to make a specific statement instead.

Bound to Turn Heads

Admit it: you certainly pay attention to such a vehicle if you see it on the road today, as this type of marketing is still relatively rare. This is why you should seriously consider employing the solution for your own company, especially since you have all of these vehicles on your fleet as it is.

Careful Design

Take the time to come up with a meaningful and eye-popping message, but bear in mind the specific size and shape of the vehicle and the way that you need to portray the imagery. You should bring in a designer to help you do this as it is quite specialist work, but don't make it too complex and ensure that your effort will be of value in the end.

First Step

Begin by talking with your local vehicle signage supplier and asking them to show you some examples of their work.


9 December 2019

I saw the sign

That's what you want to hear new customers saying, "I saw the sign". Signs bring in new customers, and get people talking. We love to get people introduced to your brands and enquiring about what you offer. As great as online marketing is, there is still a space for impressive real life signs. We make all sorts of signs using different media and in all sorts of locations. If you are trying to come with an idea for a really great sign I think you'll like my site. I talk about how to plan, design and create great signs for your business.