How You Can Leverage on the Marketing Power of Retractable Banners


When organising trade shows, exhibitions or outdoor fairs, retractable banners are the must-have signage. Different business ventures are always inventing newer ways to promote their brands or product lines. They utilise retractable banner stands due to their convenience, portability and attention-grabbing ability. 

But how exactly do you turn the banner setup and design into marketing power? Read on to learn more:

Use Double-Sided Banner Display

Consider choosing retractable banners that give you the chance to display two different banners and at the same time. Thus, allowing you to use it for a single-sided display as well. The most significant advantage of this setup is the ability to offer a product you can fit with a couple of banners that feature different imprints.

Adjustable Heights for Individualised Displays

Although you can find many banner stand options that allow you to choose a specific height for your display, consider purchasing adjustable height products. This method helps consumers change the way they engage with your brand as per your setup. For instance, banners with heights ranging from 170 to 201 centimetres are ideal. They are essential in adding visual appeal to your business environment by displaying custom-printed banners at different angles. 

Carefully Choose Your Materials

Most people prefer vinyl as the perfect material for banners. Vinyl is easier to clean, store and is highly durable for more extended use periods. However, when you want to incorporate a little more texture, consider using woven polyester or fabric. Using either of these materials, you can create a unique atmosphere for showcasing your brand. 

Incorporate More Accessories

Your retractable banner stand mustn't only have a great appearance, but also be functionally upgradable. Consider additional accessories such as brochure pocket, small display shelves and much more. Besides you can choose to incorporate LED lights for more illumination. Extra illumination can be a great attention grabber for your brand. 

Size Is of Great Essence

You may have no clue where to start when it comes to size, but your standard retractable banner should be perfect. Generally, you'll find banners with 22- to 160-centimetre widths. Therefore, while choosing, consider your booth's size. The secret here is choosing banner sizes that do not get in your prospective customer's way but rather pull them in. 

These are the five ways you can harness the marketing power of your retractable banners. These five tips can assist you in attracting more clients and maximising conversion rate. Retractable banners are powerful marketing tools that can work excellently to your business advantage. To learn more about retractable banners, contact sign manufacturers in your area.


25 February 2020

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