3 Advantages of Using Laser Engraving


Branding is the most important part of any business. One of the easy and effective ways to brand your product containers and signage on your business premises is by engraving letters and images onto them. There is more than one way to engrave letters or images on packaging materials, and each of the methods has its pros and cons.

When choosing a branding method, you have to think about the cost, the quality of the outcome, and possible challenges associated with any of the procedure. The newest and most popular way to do it is laser engraving. Here are the three main advantages of laser engraving for your branding needs.

1. It Is a Non-Contact Method

Laser engraving makes use of high-powered laser beams to carve images on bottle caps, bottles and other containers. The cutting tool doesn't come into contact with the surface being engraved since it is the laser that does the cutting. This contactless cutting leaves little room for smudges cracks and other dents forming on the surface.

Note that these crevices create breeding grounds for mould, which might compromise the quality of the packaging or signage material. By using laser cutting, you avoid all these problems.

2. It Is Versatile and Precise

Other engraving methods usually pose a challenge when it comes to engraving images on corners and other hidden parts of a sign or package. Laser engraving tools can be set up in a way that makes it possible for them to reach hard-to-access areas of packages or signage. The laser beams also handle odd shapes such as convex and concave geometrical pieces more easily than other engraving methods.

Laser engraving is also highly effective and cuts letters and images with precision. Other contact methods can sometimes lead to blurred images and lettering, but laser cutting is known to create clear and precise letters or images.

3. It Is Fast and Safe

A laser engraving machine works at very high speeds and creates hundreds of images within a short time. The automation of the engraving device also speeds up the engraving process, especially when engraving the same image on dozens of surfaces.

Moreover, the ink used in laser printing is one of the safest types for the environment. It doesn't create or leave behind any toxins that could cause harm to people or animals.

These are the three reasons why laser engraving is an excellent method of creating signs. However,  you need to hire a professional for the task to attain the desired results.


10 September 2020

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