Custom Braille Signs: Three Planning Tips for Your Business


If you are planning on installing braille signs in your business space, you should choose a qualified professional for assistance. The development of these custom signs requires special supplies and unique considerations. Oversights could result in substandard and even useless signs. A professional in the field will guide you in creating the best products. In addition to choosing a professional, use the outlined tips to plan out your custom braille signs.

Think About the Requirements

You should learn about the need for braille tactile signs before purchasing supplies for the project. These products are not needed for every part of the commercial building. Usually, they are designed for indicating critical spaces such as restrooms, meeting spaces and common areas. It is also important to have braille signs for showing restricted areas. The precaution will protect people from inadvertently walking into a dangerous zone of the building. Additionally, you can acquire signs for communicating important information like the need for social distancing or sanitising while visiting the business premises. You should determine your precise needs before making your order.

Inquire About Creation Methods

Custom braille signs are made using different approaches. You should discuss the various methods and the potential costs with your supplier. The information will help you to choose and acquire the best products. The common techniques employed in the fabrication process include thermoforming, 3-D printing and mould injection. All these methods work well. Your primary focus should be on the function and performance of the final products. For instance, you should make sure that the signs are comfortable to touch. Opt for rounded or domed signs instead of alternative shapes with sharp edges. The products must also be durable. Keep in mind that these are tactile signs, so the deterioration of the surface due to impact or pressure will compromise the message.

Choose the Right Braille System

Finally, you should choose the right braille system for creating your custom signs. If the chosen system is not used locally, you will not communicate the message effectively. For example, you might need to use contracted words as opposed to spelling out each letter on the sign. Discuss the typical system used with your braille sign supplier for the best results. Also, check on the standards established for braille signage creation. Follow the appropriate guidelines for the right outcome. In most cases, the braille transcriptions should be placed below the visual sign. Moreover, the transcription must never be separated into sections. 


16 April 2021

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