3 Main Factors That Impact the Durability of Car Wraps


You can benefit from car wraps if you want a product that covers a car, either entirely or partially, in a special vinyl decal to change the overall appearance of the vehicle. In the business world, car wraps are usually used to brand company vehicles and market the business.

If you're considering car wrapping your commercial fleet, you might be concerned about the durability of your vinyl vehicle branding films. Are they worth the investment or will they need to be removed before you have amortised your investment? The life expectancy of car wraps depends on several factors, including the ones highlighted below.

1. The quality of car wraps used

When it comes to buying car wraps, it is important to keep in mind that not all car wraps are created equal. Like several other products available on the market, car wraps vary in terms of quality, material, and price.

While price is not necessarily an indicator of quality, cheap prices are generally a sign of inferior quality products. When shopping for car wraps for your commercial vehicles, narrow down your options to products that offer high performance and durability at competitive prices. If price is not your biggest concern, you can never go wrong with premium versions of car wraps. Higher-end car wraps may cost more initially but they can turn out to be more economical than standard versions due to their longer lifespans.

2. The quality of the installation job

Any car wrapping is only as good as its installation. Not even car wrap products of the highest quality on the market will last if they're not installed correctly. Poor quality workmanship during the installation process will result in rain, dirt, and other foreign elements collecting under the wrap. This can result in the formation of creases and bubbles, which not only look unsightly but also shorten the lifespan of your wraps. 

3. The level of exposure to the elements

The weather conditions of the area where you use your vehicles will also affect the lifespan of your vehicle wraps. Extreme sun exposure, in particular, will increase the wear and tear of your wraps, thus accelerating their removal and replacement.

The lifespan of your car wraps will depend on many other factors aside from the ones highlighted above. If you still need more information to make an informed decision about car wraps, contact local suppliers or installation services. 


4 October 2021

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