Two Tips for Office Owners Who Need to Use Sign Installers’ Services


If you plan to have your local sign installers fit your new office signs, here are some tips to remember.

Don't clean the areas where the signs will be installed immediately before the installation  

You should ensure that the office cleaner does not wash down or apply polish to the doors, desks or other areas of your office on which the installers will be placing the signs immediately before the sign installers arrive. The reason for this is that some cleaning substances could make the surfaces slippery, which could slow the sign installers down, as any screws or brackets they try to use to attach the signs may slide out of position before the installers have a chance to drill or hammer them into place.

Additionally, the slipperiness of these surfaces may also increase the risk of the sign installers injuring themselves during the installation. If, for example, when securing a sign to a wall, the installer needs to press one side of their hand against the wall to hold a nail in place, and their hand slides across this slippery surface as they strike this area with their hammer, they could hit their own hand with this tool.

As such, any cleaning of these surfaces that you need to do before the installation should be done the day before so that the surfaces are not excessively slippery. Additionally, if any of these surfaces are wooden and your office cleaner normally applies polish to them, you may want to advise the cleaner not to use this product at all, as the residue that polish leaves behind can make wooden surfaces extremely slippery and can be hard to remove.

Tell the sign installers the order in which they should install the signs

If you need to have the sign installers put up the office signs during business hours (i.e. when there may be visiting clients or delivery people who will have to rely on the office signs to navigate the premises), then you may have to tell them the order in which they should put up these signs.

For example, if you're replacing the signs that provide directions to the storage room where your office supplies are kept, and you're expecting a couple of office supply deliveries on the date of the installation, you might want to tell the sign installers to put these signs up first to minimise the time between when the old version of these signs are removed and their replacements are installed. This will reduce the chances of the delivery people losing their way in the office and leaving the supplies somewhere other than the designated storage room.


14 February 2022

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