Two tips to follow if you need affordable wedding signs


Here are two tips to follow if you need to get some affordable wedding signs.

Opt for paper or card signs indoors in areas where the signs will be inaccessible

There might be some wedding signage that you need to pay a higher price for; for example, any signage that's going to be outdoors (like your direction signs or the welcome sign) should be made of a sturdy sign material so that they stay intact even if it gets windy or begins to rain. However, if there are indoor signs that are going to be put in places where there is no possibility of your guests accessing them (such as a sign printed on bunting, that you'll be hanging from the venue's rafters) then you should have this made of paper or card, either of which will probably be much cheaper than the most commonly-used sturdy sign materials, such as perspex, metal and wood.

The reason for this is that if, for example, you put a sign printed on some card or paper-based bunting on a wall your guests will brush past while entering the venue's dining area, there's a chance that this delicate sign material might get torn; there is very little chance of this happening if it's hung somewhere less accessible, where no-one is likely to graze against or grab hold of it. Opting for low-cost materials when ordering the signs that will be placed in these hard-to-reach parts of the venue should lower your signage costs quite a bit.

Order simple signage and add additional, inexpensive embellishments to it yourself

Another way to lower the total cost of your signs is to order simple signs and then add inexpensive embellishments to them yourself. While making the signs from start to finish would not be advisable (as aside from being time-consuming, the resulting signage would not be as high-quality as the signage a professional could make), ordering simple signs with, for example, plain-coloured backgrounds and simple text would be much cheaper than ordering signage that featured a multitude of patterns, colours and fonts.

To make the simple signs more decorative and, therefore, suitable for your wedding, you could then buy a few packs of, for example, inexpensive floral stickers, sequins and bottles of spray glitter from a craft shop, and use these to add some colourful, light-reflecting embellishments to these affordable signs. If you're not particularly artistic, it might be a good idea to ask a friend who is to help you with this task.

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18 July 2022

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