Three Ways to Advertise Your Building Services While You Are Out Working


If you work as a building contractor without a fixed premises, it can be hard to know where to advertise your services. Putting small ads in local magazines and papers is a good start but isn't always as far reaching as you'd like. The ideas below will show you how to advertise your services while you're on the go—whether you're working on a job or travelling from place to place.

9 December 2016

Effective Strategies to Boost Business Sales with LED Signage


LED digital signs are growing in popularity due to their power effect in producing a brilliant light that is visible from a long range and easy to read. Many businesses today are relying on outdoor LED signage to catch the attention of potential clients and increase their sales. Coupled with an effective marketing strategy, LED signs can drive customers to your business and increase your returns significantly. Read on to find out effective ways you can utilize LED signage to boost your business sales.

21 July 2016

What You Need to Know About Offset Litho Printing and Digital Printing


Advances in technology have increased the options available to business owners who would like to print some promotional materials. You can use a digital printer, or you can use an offset litho printer. This article compares those two printing technologies so that you can choose the right one for your printing needs. What They Are Offset litho printing refers to a method of printing by which inks can be transferred onto aluminium plates before industrial scale printing is done.

19 April 2016