Business Signage: Three Crucial Guidelines for Using PVC Foam Signs


If you are planning on replacing your old business signs, you should consider choosing PVC foam products for your new signage. In general, PVC foam is an ideal material choice because it promotes the creation of high-quality signs. The polyvinyl chloride allows for the customisation of the signage. For instance, you can utilise diverse printing techniques and colours, and there are beautiful finishes to enhance the appeal of the final product.

15 April 2019

Why Sign Placement Is Both an Art and a Science


Some people think that we are retreating into a completely digital world, where everything we need is available at the click of a mouse or the swipe of a finger. In this Orwellian world, people may not need to leave their own house or apartment, but simply order online so that everything is delivered to them. Thankfully, this type of lazy and introvert society is still some way into the future, and in the meantime, you need to make sure that your business stands out from all the rest in a busy commercial environment.

16 November 2018

Signs You Need for Your School or Day-Care


If you manage a school or any type of childcare facility, you want to ensure you have proper signage on the walls and even outside. These school signs will help children find their way through the building and can also remind them of certain rules or codes of conduct to which they should adhere. While you don't want to overspend on unnecessary items for your business or clutter up a building with too many signs, note a few important signs you should consider for your school or childcare facility.

15 August 2017

Three Ways to Advertise Your Building Services While You Are Out Working


If you work as a building contractor without a fixed premises, it can be hard to know where to advertise your services. Putting small ads in local magazines and papers is a good start but isn't always as far reaching as you'd like. The ideas below will show you how to advertise your services while you're on the go—whether you're working on a job or travelling from place to place.

9 December 2016

Effective Strategies to Boost Business Sales with LED Signage


LED digital signs are growing in popularity due to their power effect in producing a brilliant light that is visible from a long range and easy to read. Many businesses today are relying on outdoor LED signage to catch the attention of potential clients and increase their sales. Coupled with an effective marketing strategy, LED signs can drive customers to your business and increase your returns significantly. Read on to find out effective ways you can utilize LED signage to boost your business sales.

21 July 2016

What You Need to Know About Offset Litho Printing and Digital Printing


Advances in technology have increased the options available to business owners who would like to print some promotional materials. You can use a digital printer, or you can use an offset litho printer. This article compares those two printing technologies so that you can choose the right one for your printing needs. What They Are Offset litho printing refers to a method of printing by which inks can be transferred onto aluminium plates before industrial scale printing is done.

19 April 2016

Five Tips for Creating Business Signs That Appeal to Kids


If you run a business that sells products geared toward children, you need a business sign that catches the interest of kids. Kids who notice and like your sign are more likely to drag their parents into your shop. However, first you have to pique their interest. Here are five tips on creating business signs that appeal to kids: 1. Use red or other bright colours Although kids can like a range of colours, research indicates that many of them are prone to liking red.

30 July 2015